Writing An Introduction For A Research Paper Against Gun Control

Don’t panic if you have to write a research paper against gun control. You can write an amazing paper on this topic, and there is a lot that you can use. The part which has to be impressive and which has to attract the reader is the introduction. Many students don’t know how to start a research paper on gun control. But don’t worry! We will help you with that part.

  • Start with a few sentences about gun control
  • It is always safe to start the research paper with a few sentences about gun control in general. That way you make sure that everyone understands what it is and when you start talking against gun control, they will know what you mean.

  • State the problem
  • If you are against something, then there has to be a reason for it. State why people are against gun control and be specific. Don’t go into details, because it won’t look appealing and readers may lose interest at the beginning. Talk about why people don’t support gun control, and make it as short as possible. You will give the reader a short preview of the main part.

  • Say something about the other side
  • It would be good if you would say why some people prefer gun control. There would be no discussion if everyone was against it. Since there are people who prefer it, there is also a reason for it to be a problem for the ones who don’t prefer gun control. You can write about statistics and facts when it comes to this topic. Show the reader where the problem is and what the opinions are, so that he can understand it better.

  • How can we solve the problem
  • In the end, you can write one or two sentences that will talk about a possible solution. What should we do? Why should we stop gun control? Write these questions down, that will be answered in the research paper. You will show the reader what you are going to discuss, and that kind of introduction will trigger everyone’s curiosity. You can always look at a sample research paper on gun control.

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