Writing A Quality Research Paper Proposal On Childhood Obesity

A research paper on childhood obesity, like any other paper, needs a proposal to be handed to a student’s supervisor. This part of the work is very important, as by reading it your professor or teacher will analyze your topic and judge whether it’s appropriate. So if you are determined to compose a paper on childhood obesity, make sure you write a full proposal.

The trouble itself if highly relevant to our time, with the popularity of fast food and lack of parents’ attention to what their kids eat while not at home. There’s a chance to write an outstanding paper on such a topic, as it includes both statistical data, theories, examples, and potential ways out. But the first thing to be written is again the proposal for your work.

Writing a Research Paper on Childhood Obesity: Proposal Questions

Whatever the topic is, there are certain questions you need to answer in your proposal:

  • What is your investigation subject?
  • Define the problem you would like investigate as clear as possible, describe why it’s important to write a work on it.

  • Why do you want to investigate it?
  • Here you should review the literature available on the theme, giving enough evidence that the problem has to be paid attention to.

  • How do you plan to do it?
  • Describe the methods you will use to write your final research paper on childhood obesity, and what results you wait from the investigation.

Most Frequent Mistakes Students Make in Proposals

There are some mistakes that should be avoided to compose a high-quality paper proposal:

  • Not being clear enough.
  • Don’t pour water into your proposal just to take space – try to write everything in laconic and clear tone.

  • Not mentioning the most important literature.
  • Every topic has the books or scholar papers that are the most important for the further development. Make sure you cite the most valuable works in your proposal.

  • Not stating the boundaries.
  • You should determine the contextual borders of your paper in the proposal, mentioning the period of time (50 years later; now), the group of people (children), place (the US; world), etc.

  • Not proving the value of the topic.
  • You have to present convincible pieces of evidence to get the access to the work on childhood obesity.

  • Poor grammar.
  • Writing a good proposal isn’t all about the contents, it’s also about how you write it. Make sure you don’t make major mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and orthography.

  • Too much detail.
  • Make sure you focus on the main issues and don’t give too much detail about minor ones, so people understand what the main trouble of your paper will be.


A research paper proposal is your ticket to a successful paper, as without the approval of your topic you won’t be able to write a work on it. Make sure you highlight all the questions necessary and avoid all the most frequent mistakes. The combination of these will give you an amazing paper proposal that your supervisor will like, as you will give an understanding of why the topic of childhood obesity is so important.

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