Powerful Research Paper Topics About Gay Rights

Over the last decade, and for the better part of 50 years, gay rights have been at the forefront of every political debate and center screen during media coverage. The U.S. and a good deal of the world have watched closely as those in power decided the legal fate of individuals across the country. Many a college campus has been the host for rallies, debates, and awareness gatherings. So, it is only logical that college students would have a good idea about the issue and whether it truly is an issue at all. If you fall into that category, I can help with research paper topics about the subject matter; you can inform your professor and maybe the world with your words.

  1. Topic 1:
  2. Children raised in homes with gay parents are not disadvantaged, but better off since poverty, in most cases, will be a non-issue due to costly adoption expenses.

  3. Topic 2:
  4. Are children raised in gay homes predetermined, from direct exposure, to live a gay lifestyle?

  5. Topic 3:
  6. Politicians made no attempt for gay rights to be legal due to the influx of funds, for both parties until their hands were forced.

  7. Topic 4:
  8. How many military veteran personnel were denied benefits due to sexual preference during the Clinton’s “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy?

  9. Topic 5:
  10. Research on domestic violence statistics between same-sex relationships and heterosexual relationships in the United States provide interesting results.

  11. Topic 6:
  12. Studies of identical twins proved “gay” gene non-existent; research also proves mutation of cells in early fetal development of identical twins occurs: Coincidence?

These six topics are of a very strong tone. Any venture into the research of such topics is bound to produce interesting, and, possibly, groundbreaking results. The material will be difficult to gather in some cases, but the reward will be worth it. The situation in the world surrounding gay rights is still one that does not sit or relate equally with all citizens. Many do not care about the topic until election time. Some are defiant about the topic in both directions. Should the imbalance of attitudes and feelings even exist? Or, does that imbalance exist because it must for democracy to truly function?

Papers will be written about this topic for many years to come, and it might not be due to controversy in 100 years. The world and the people residing upon it may be at an educational level of thought which does not permit such opinions even to exist. Maybe. Maybe not. One thing is for sure, you reading this article means we definitely are not where we need to be in regards to our evolutionary process. Can you make that change? Check out some of these topic ideas about gay rights and see what you can do!

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