Organizing An Outline Of A Research Paper On Illegal Immigration

There are so many topics you can describe and study in a research paper. Immigration is one of them, as people often go to other countries to find their home. However, it’s very important to write about the negative parts of every positive process, and here it’s illegal immigration. To compose a good paper on such a trouble, you need to plan it well, so no important info is lost.

Writing an Illegal Immigration Research Paper Outline

  • Determine the topic.
  • Make sure you know which part of the illegal immigration process you will study in your paper. It’s very important for the right outline, as there you will have all the paper written in brief.

  • Determine the sections and subsections.
  • Write and highlight the main parts like an intro, the main body, and a conclusion, as well as subsections like the results discussion and others. Leave enough space for every part, so you don’t get confused later.

  • Fill the plan.
  • Fill the gaps with the materials you have found and the study you have done. If you are just about to do that, note everything within the outline in the process. You will do two parts of the job then, which will save you some time.

  • Highlight all important parts.
  • As it’s recommended to include everything in the outline (notes, bibliographic information, facts, theories, etc.), make sure you don’t lose something highly important there. Use highlighters of different colors to point the facts you need to use in your research paper about illegal immigration in the first place.

  • Review the draft and write the clean version.
  • There may be much redundant info within your first draft, not enough space, or anything else. Rewrite the outline on a clean sheet of paper with all the highlights and important notes, and without the redundant facts.


Writing an outline may take some time, but it makes a huge part of the paper itself. You will only need to make comprehensive sentences out of the notes and facts written in the plan and format the paper properly. A good outline will help you always be aware of what part of the paper you are working on, what you may have missed, etc.

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