How To Write A Criminal Justice Research Paper Outline: 7 Best Directions

Writing an outline for a paper on criminal justice should not be too hard if you are already following these 7 simple steps.

  1. Consider a general outline
  2. While learning how to write a criminal justice research paper, you need not make very elaborate arrangements. It is all right to start with a simple, non-directional outline. Just make sure you get the basics of the outline right from the start itself.

  3. Break down the paper in three parts
  4. It is important to have layers in the paper you write. This is not possible if you do not make the outline in three parts – the introduction, the climax and the denouement.

    It applies even more if you are giving an argumentative touch to the paper.

  5. Start with the argument lines
  6. Once you have made the outline for the introduction of the paper, identify and start with the argument lines right away.

    Unless you start your line of argument in the frontal section of the paper, you will not be able to give it ample room for development.

  7. Give ample space for development
  8. The most important part of your criminal justice research paper outline is to present the premise for argument building.

    Right after the part where you present the argument, take out some more space and dedicate it totally to the development of the argument.

  9. Do not break course
  10. It is important not to leave the track once you are set on it. You can be tempted to do so but there is really to great value in that.

    Also important is not to deviate from the line of argument starting in the outline.

  11. Close with substance
  12. When you are attempting to draw closure, you must add more substance to the paper. Here is a useful link on how you can conclude the outline without any major hiccup.

  13. Skim what’s not necessary
  14. If you find anything that is not needed in the argument you are building, you may safely exclude that from the outline of the paper.

Take care of the thought process you are building and make sure you promote only what is needed.

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