How To Organize An Outline Of A Research Paper On Obesity And Poverty?

In a research paper on obesity and poverty, it’s crucial to organize a detailed outline. There you will have all the necessary lines planned, so you will not be confused while describing theories, pieces of evidence, and statistical data. All the guides on writing any paper include creating a plan and then filling it with the actual logical sentences.

The most important thing is to organize the plan the right way, so you could always find the information you need. You can follow an easy algorithm to do it fast, not needing extra time to rearrange all the info you gather online or at libraries.

Writing a Proper Research Paper Outline on Obesity and Poverty

  • Point the key parts.
  • Firstly, point the main parts of your paper, like an intro, the main body, a conclusion. These are the vital sections of any academic paper, and not to lose the basics in yours, you will need these notes.

  • Point the subsections.
  • The main body of your paper will need lots of subsections to show the research you will have done, the statistics, the results discussion, etc. This is especially important if you’re writing about a particular country like research paper about obesity in Philippines.

  • Insert the data you find.
  • It’s better to do while you’re searching for the info and conducting the investigation, but if you’re over it, make sure you structure it within the sections. This will give you an access to every single fact you may want to mention really quick.

  • Underline the most important parts.

    If you have something you crucially need but can forget to include, make sure you underline it or use a highlighter. This will help you see what your college papers will be based on, which usually gives a great understanding on what to include or remove.

  • Include bibliographic information.
  • You can create another section for that or include the info about the books you use in separate parts, but make sure you do include them. You will need those when writing your reference list.


Writing an outline for any paper is highly important for the success of the project. Working without a plan may be confusing, especially if the project is complex, like the connection between obesity and poverty. Make sure you include everything your search gives – you can remove everything you find redundant later.

Point what book you use to investigate the topic, and mention some bibliographic info you might need for the completing of the paper. All this will help you write an amazing work later.

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