Free Tutorial On Constructing A Research Paper Outline On Global Warming

Despite the immense measure of recent politicization about it, global warming continues to be seen as a menace that threatens the very existence of the planet as we know it. There are quite a few things that need to be understood in context of global warming before you can look to proceed and write a paper on the subject.

To start with, global warming is one of those rare phenomena that have its roots in some of the most widely experienced modes of pollution on the earth. In your research paper outline on global warming, you will have to identify a few factors that do not sit close enough when analyzed individually. To give you a headstart, here are a few pointers that just might work.

  • Global warming as a disaster
  • The first thing that needs to be made clear about global warming is its very nature – disastrous. Almost every form of air pollution has some contributory role in global warming.

    There have been recent political attempts to dismiss the entire phenomenon of global warming as a hoax. You necessarily need to stay clear of these arguments.

  • The first world contribution
  • Any research paper on global warming is incomplete without highlighting the role that first world countries play in something as disastrous as global warming.

    We must take out time to reflect on the ramifications that developing and underdeveloped nations have to face merely because of the kind of lifestyle that the first world prefers. This must form an important part of your paper on the subject.

  • The millennial awareness on the issue
  • Somewhere around the turn of the millennium, the awareness around global warming took a determined turn. People suddenly started to make new directives and decisions on the subject. This marked a breakaway from norm in some fashion.

  • The most polluting industries
  • There are some industries that are the most polluting in every respect. And the bad thing is these are not as widely discussed. One such industry is the livestock industry.

    Any thesis for global warming research paper is inadequate without a mention of carbon footprint. Learn and write about it in detail.

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