Creating A Strong Research Paper Introduction: 6 Points To Consider

It’s always hard to start writing the introduction for a research paper. There are many things that you want to say, but you have to keep it short, in order to introduce the main idea of your topic. Many people make mistakes when it comes to this part, and they are not sure what is important to say, and what not. We have 6 points to consider when writing the research paper introduction content.

  • Introduce your topic
  • By this, we mean that you really have to focus on the main idea. What is your topic about? What are you going to talk about? Mention all the important things, and think about what you should say. You should pique the interest of the reader. Try to put the indication of the broader problem in the first two sentences.

  • Keep it simple
  • There is no need to talk too much in the research paper introduction. You can use short and simple sentences that will be easy to understand. That way you will attract the readers, and they will not be bored at the beginning. Don’t use some statistics or terms that have deeper meaning. It will confuse the reader and they will probably stop reading.

  • Prepare before you start writing
  • Think about the topic, and everything you want to talk about. Find out what would be good to mention in the paper. It is always good to have a research paper introduction outline. If you first write down everything that you want to say, then it will be easier to keep up. You can always turn to your research paper introduction outline and see if you forgot to mention something.

  • State your research questions
  • After you have told the reader what your topic is and on what problem you are focusing, then you can write the research questions. The question should not be a surprise for the reader and it should be added naturally to the introduction. This should be the main question of the research paper introduction.

  • Write a good hypothesis
  • This is a very important part of your paper. You should write a clear and concise thesis statement. The thesis statement should show that you will have a clear result for the problem with the relation to the hypothesis, and it should not be longer than one sentence. Keep it simple and easy. You can also tell the reader how you came to the hypothesis by using some references.

  • What will you do to solve the problem?
  • You will definitely attract the reader if you tell a little bit about the solution for the problem. If you have some interesting ways, you should definitely mention them. Be original and keep it interesting. Try to show the reader how you think and how you would want to solve the problem. Since it is a research paper, you have to be unique and find your own ways to analyze it.

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