7 Instructions For Completing A Great Research Paper About Global Warming In The Philippines

When talking about Philippines and the problems that the island nation faces, there is one that comes up invariably – the menace of global warming. The issue is raging in the Philippines and there is no one way cure to it.

When writing on global warming in Philippines, here are 7 things that you will need to account for.

  1. The problem of an island nation
  2. One of the major reasons global warming is considered such a huge problem in the Philippines is because of the location of the nation – surrounded by oceans on all sides. This is also the case with most other island countries of the Asia Pacific.

  3. The aftermath of the tsunami
  4. After the tsunami happened, the awareness around global warming has moved to a new degree altogether. The nation was among the worst hit. This will make an important addition in your research paper about global warming in the Philippines.

  5. A first world gift
  6. A lot of the effects of global warming felt in the Philippines is because of the lifestyle of people in the first world. Many call it a first world gift in local parlance. And they are mostly right about that.

  7. Efforts by local authorities
  8. There have been significant efforts by local authorities to tap down on global warming in the Philippines. These have been reflected in the local laws that have been formulated ever since increased awareness. Mark these points in your research essay about global warming.

  9. Determination of people
  10. More than anything else, the people of the land have shown immense resolve to fight global warming. The emission from vehicles has ceased to exist. And there has been greater dependency on the government as well.

  11. Help from South East Asia
  12. The Philippines is not alone in its fight against global warming. Other South Asian nations like India and Bangladesh have joined its fight against global warming. Every major research report on global warming will talk about this.

  13. The ways out
  14. For now, there seem to be a very limited number of ways out. The ones that exist hugely challenge modern lifestyle.

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