A List of 15 Potential Research Paper Topics on Medical Technology

As there are daily advancments in technology, the world of medicine changes. Tools are developed, machines are perfected, and diagnostic methods are refined. If you are going to study the field, you must be aware of the constant developments. Many of these changes will be written about in the papers you are assigned. If you get to pick the research paper, there are many good ideas out there. Use our list of 15 potential research paper topics on medical technology.

15 Ideas for Your Research Piece

  1. Microchips that will be used to model clinical medical trials or getting check-ups by actual robots
  2. Virtual examinations through wearable tools
  3. Electronic aspirin which is good for migraines and chronic headaches, it is a implant that blocks the bad signals which call these painful headaches
  4. Bilogical Materials constructed in 3D such as a 3D printer
  5. Regulations and rules covering the field
  6. Ethics in the field-what ethics are required, how they are guaranteed, and who oversees them to make sure they are followed
  7. Printing 3D cells for heart repairs after heart attacks, these will help to repair the heart
  8. Optogenetics which control a abrian’s activity with light which may help with illnesses such as seizures
  9. 3D prosthetics for body part such as hand replacement
  10. The Medical Device Innovation Consortium-what it is and what it does for the field
  11. Reducing trauma with hybrid operation and emergency rooms
  12. Gathering information with sensors that you can swallow
  13. Software located in the cloud such as patient records that might be needed when a patient is ill but aware from his or her primary care giver or hospital
  14. Handheld tools that are used for analysis of cells to look for things like Melanoma problems
  15. Many developments with diabetes such s a groundbreaking needle-free insulin check for testing, it will use a patch instead of a needle injection

You will have research, quotes, case studies, surveys, and piles of information. Make sure that you sue valid and credible sources. You will need intext citations and a bibliography page. It will be a formal paper that falls all the rules of academic writing. You can subscribe to industry magazines to keep up with the daily inventions. You can also get ideas from looking at the magazines.

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