15 Offbeat Research Paper Topic Ideas For A Criminal Justice Class

Criminal justice is a very delicate field of study that requires thorough consideration of a varied range of arguments. These range from several ethical lines of thought and various other arguments that cannot be expressly synchronized in one topical head. So to stick to the right direction of logic and promote greater deductive analogy, you will first have to take a decisive step toward choosing the right topic for the paper.

It is always easier if you get to have a look at some sample topics before moving on to your own one. To help you further, there are some criminal justice topics you will find interesting.

15 unusual paper topics on criminal justice

  1. 1. The movement of drug court in America and the reinvention of the American judicial system
  2. 2. Research paper for criminal justice: drug courts for the juvenile
  3. 3. The key components that constitute a drug court of law
  4. 4. Why have drug courts been so successful in society? Does it explain the rampant availability of drugs?
  5. 5. The second decade of the existence of drug courts: a research paper on criminal justice
  6. 6. The entire movement around dug courts: suggested recommendations and improvements
  7. 7. A second though on drug courts: the racial injustice that is hard to ignore
  8. 8. Interlinking of money and drug: What is driving the drug economy in Europe?
  9. 9. Why have many aspects of drug crime been underplayed by the mainstream media?
  10. 10. The relationship between misuse of drugs and crime
  11. 11. Stolen Art research paper topics for criminal justice: what should be the right punishment for thieves of precious art?
  12. 12. Why are most limitations on punishments for art crimes truly bogus?
  13. 13. An expression of the great Nazi conspiracy to steal every valuable great art of the world
  14. 14. Child abduction: the best way to treat people associated with non-sexual child crimes
  15. 15. Understanding sexual abuse of children: what should be the ideal punishment?

Research paper topics criminology are often variegated because of the nature of crimes. While you reserve the right to, you should not merge more than two crime types together. This is likely to create confusion while writing.

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